Thursday, July 16, 2009

[Fiction] Friday

Prompt: On the way home from work your character stops into a music store and purchases an unusual musical instrument that they’ve always wanted to learn how to play. Why today?

(Okay, so seeing as it's my first [Fiction] Friday, I honestly had no idea what buttons I was pressing and accidentally posted myself on Mister Linky's Magical Widgets. Sorry... I thought I was getting access to other stories. Since I goofed and listed myself first I'm just going to go ahead and post my piece even if it's a little early. Hope you enjoy!)

Roger has spent half his lifetime avoiding physical contact. It’s his hands you see, they sweat-profusely. If he’s nervous, he sweats. Anxious-more sweat. Angry and he’ll start to drip. Just thinking of anything nerve wrecking can trigger it.

Nothing has helped the situation. He’s tried lotions, potion, and even meditation couldn’t help. Maud his landlord claimed holding a toad for 30 mintues removed the same problem for her cousin Saul when they were kids. He held it for 5 minutes before it slipped out of his increasingly moist fingers.

He had become quite cunning at avoiding handshakes and other forms of physical contact. His passion for music has suffered as a result of his affliction. When he is alone he can play any instrument presented in front of him. But as soon as another pair of eyes enters his plane of awareness, he becomes a dribbling mess.

He finally got word of an instrument that would allow him to quit his job and pursue his music career-the Theremin! To think, an instrument that can be played without even touching it! There is, of course, a chance he might get electrocuted, but there is no use questioning it without trying. After work today he is passing by Melrose’s House of Odd Noise and he’s scoring himself a ticket to physical free paradise.