Monday, August 11, 2008


My relationship with my boss is very odd. It's a bizarre combination between a boyfriend and sister. She reacts to my action as if she were my boyfriend and treats me like her little sister.
The weirdest part is that i'm not sure if this is all in my head or if she is really interacting with me in this way.

One day, i had to tell her i couldn't make it to a meeting with her since i had a doctor's appointment and she acted as if i had just canceled dinner with her parents. she huffed and puffed and i could notice the sullen look on her what did i do? i had to somehow make it up to her by buying her favorite bag of chips-the terra starch cocktail chips. i constantly feel as if i'm walking on eggshells with her. Her mood swings are epic, random and devastating.

and then there is her daily constant nuances that annoy the shit out of me, the way an older sister flexes her big sister muscles to crush the little ones.

I always arrive to the office before she creeps in, then-like clock work i get a phone call from her to "...please please please bring to my car my raincoat, it's raining and i forgot it in my office..." or "....please please please, bring me a coke...(insert treat here)

oh this resonates with my own oldest sister and her constant desire to take advantage of her little sisters!