Monday, March 30, 2009


So I was returning to my desk from lunch with a cup of yummy hot tea when on three separate occasions someone said to me, “Tea, huh?” with a slight sly undertone.

“Tea, huh?” what is that suppose to mean? No seriously, I have no idea what tea huh is insinuating let alone why anyone would include cunning undercurrent-inflicted huh at the end of the word tea.

Did I just miss an initiation of a stealthy tea society were tea bandits meet every evening to binge and purge on scented dry herbs. I quite possibly missed my chance at becoming tea empress of the land of steam. Even better would be if I find random tea bags around my desk left by tea fairies… no? too much?

In which case I’m gonna to have to go around saying “tea, huh?” to fellow tea slurpers until I get invited again. Sure some folks around the office might find it odd but they all ready think that about me so there is no point in missing out on Hildi’s big tea adventure.

Well, if anyone can guide me through this impending paradigm shift it would be deeply appreciated.

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