Friday, March 6, 2009

the endless deep end...

Sally was the type of girl that needed the constant tang of things to sizzle by creating chaos in her life. She would complicate things on purpose to see what happens when something falls.

Like when you start a new job, and an urge to indulge in deviant behavior swells up inside creating an incessant wave of dissatisfaction until you submit. So you start stealing money from the register or become sexually invasive with a co-worker...or you buy alcohol for all the minors you manage and unanimously everyone goes to the roof of the 3 story building to hang out... or walking in on your boss getting a blow job from a male co-worker... and of course, getting so high at work, you mistake a roll of fax ink for powdered doughnuts.

Keep collecting those life moments sweet sally, or your head will swallow you whole.

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