Friday, February 27, 2009

a conversation...

She said, “Pumpkin seeds of gold lighted love...”
You rebuttal with, “Pockets full of porcupines evidently show funny trails of loose fingers… I say we touch ourselves enough until the sticky blends in.”
She agrees, “And the lips pour out sour rainbow apple showers”
You keep pushing, “And we candy them… ram a stick through their core, add strategically placed nuts on their faces. Sell’em while their still hot empty cores and the lot.”
Sullenly she remarks, “To make bubble wrap money to send to the sugar cane dumplings for the next fire work surprises of treats.”
You hastily try to comfort by talking cat to her, “As tarty as shooting up your diabetic cat with insulin.”*

*Taken from an actual conversation via text messaging with ladybug Diana

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verdadverde said...

well this just about made my day!!