Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I went pretty deep down low yesterday. It felt like falling but not the gleeful freeing kind. It was an endless freefall. It was more along the lines of terror of a new state of being engulfed in the flames of indifference. I felt swallowed by a dark spot in the world that would only allow me the view of light through a pigeon hole.

I wanted to reach out and ask for help but my voice got drowned out by the echo of the dark walls that surrounded me. These walls played tricks on me. They would begin to move and turn around to reveal huge towering horrifying personified versions of my weaknesses, all hovering over me with all intent and purpose of consuming me upon command.

Where were you then? You were guarded by your own walls of self-indulgence. Add a window next time to so you can see me drowning.

It passed, but not without leaving marks.

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girl said...

the sum. you're incredible.
i need to see you. just women and tea and softmad ways. i have a few new scars and bruises, trying to heal quickly but i'm not sure if i'm even allowing myself to cope.