Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the virtual diary

So i am now attempting to transcend into the world of the public diary or better known as "blogging." Granted i started this blog about 3 months ago so technically it's not a new attempt in my part-rather a delayed fulfillment of something that should have been successfully correctly done...or something like that. Needless to say i'll buy into the whole internal monologue made open to all deal...as a matter of fact, who the hell am i talking to?

You may poke inside my head but i'll advise even I get tired of what goes on in there....okay that was a blatant lie...i love what goes on in my head. As a matter of fact-i'd rather stay in my head then interact in the outside world...who can blame me....there is magical flying unicorns shooting croquettas out of their asses and ice cream cones that grow off the backs of frogs and musical fart angels that accidentally "slip out" at awkward moments singing their hymns with perfect pitch-all kind of shit like that is constantly playing in my head...AND they are eager for me to join in on all the fun!

I'm looking forward to the day when technology has evolved to the point were i'd only have to THINK about something and some sort of nano electronic joy stick will record and document my thoughts. Soon all existing creatures' lives will be recorded and stored in a really really big thunb drive for generations to come. If i could i'd fuck with them as much as possible creating such bizarre moments that their heads will wobble! YAY

i'd have to say this isn't a very whimsical fist entry...i guess that's why i waited so long to write something straight from my noggin...we somehow stall ourselves from actually doing something by sugarcoating actions with failure...and well, who isn't afraid of failure (probably someone who has done stuff) mmmmmmmm so much brain morsels to shoot at you...enjoy i intend to do as often as i can ...lets say, as often as i poop!

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