Sunday, July 27, 2008

spin cycle blues

in essence this virtual piece of paper was intended to capture the brilliant fleeting moments in my head...but by the time i reach the computer to document my idle cognitive waves they have been replaced by more practical my need to do laundry for lack of underwear.

human beings have an insatiable desire to make sense of the unconscious tinkering that occurs almost in spite of ourselves. my need to document is a need to understand why the collective we document.

i would suspect intentionality might play a role, we intend to have a reader, we intend to pour out a few internal demons, we intend to entertain, we intend recognition, we intend to impress, well there is an infinity of reasons and most are saturated in selfish indulgences.

human desirability to create is a fundamental desire to understand oneself-yes, the eternal transcendence from flesh to soul.

this post will be edit or finished when i'm done doing my laundry

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